Piia Ulvinen
Lemi (about 20 km from Lappeenranta), Finland
gsm: +358 40 7702822
email: piia (at)

Kennel Salasana breeds Flatcoated retrievers and possibly in the future Basset Fauve de Bretagnes. We live in Lemi, Finland, about 20 km from Lappeenranta in the peace of the countryside. At home we have three generations of retrievers, a few imports, and a fawn brittany basset. In addition to us we feel that our puppies and their families are a part of our kennel. We want to share together the joys of working together and sense of community. Every year we gather together in puppy-meets and various training days, but we also organize activities based on participants interests.

Enjoying dogs as a hobby isn’t possible alone and I am thankful for the owners of our offspring who are active with their dogs. Seeing how new friendships are formed and how they offer people more than just company during shared training sessions. I believe the owners’ of my offspring agree with me about this. Together we can rejoice from successes and overcome obstacles easier with the support of friends. It isn’t always important that your own dog is successful but rather that you can also rejoice from others successes.

Piia&BrunoThe owners of new offspring and their families are welcomed into our midst and often the owners of older offspring have been able to help when a puppy lives further away from us. We encourage keeping in touch and want to follow puppies development between organized meets. Flatcoated retrievers are a very active breed and it isn’t suitable just as a decoration at home. With consist training and behavior a flatcoat can become a wonderful companion in various activities (hunting, obedience, service dog events, agility, shows, etc.), but every dog must have basic obedience training – whatever the activity. However, dogs are family members 365 days a year and spend only a small portion of their time in events and shows.

Piia & Team

Translation: Ramin Miraftabi

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