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27.09.2014 VPS gundog test, Germany

Rhona (S. Ninitchka) Passed with 186 points & 2nd prize

21.09.2014 Open Show Koria, judge Anette Nielsen

Rölli (S. Knickerbocker) Open 1st
Late (S. Harvey Wallbanger) CC 4th
Emil (Ravencrag Explorer) CC 1st & BIS & Best head
Lempi (S. Between The Sheets) CC 3rd


14.09.2014 Junior Hunt test Bridal Falls BC/Canada, judges Sophia Fanous and David Oliver

Moss (S. Sea Breeze) earned his second JH leg.

13.09.2014 Junior Hunt test Bridal Falls BC/Canada, judges Judith Dunlop and Geoff Cake

Moss (S. Sea Breeze) earned his first JH leg.

07.09.2014 Sorry, but this post is not available in English

30.08.2014 Flatcoat Specialty BC/Canada, judge Erling Pedersen

Moss (S. Sea Breeze) Open 2nd

29.08.2014 FCR Booster show BC/Canada, judge Doug Windsor

Moss (S. Sea Breeze) Open 1st

24.08.2014 Innsbruck INT, Austria, judge Beate Ting

Rhona (S. Ninitchka) Open EXC1, CC


23.08.2014 Innsbruck INT, Austria, judge Patsy Hollings

Rhona (S. Ninitchka) Open EXC3

08.08.2014 World Dog Show Helsinki, judge Michael Gadsby

Late (S. Harvey Wallbanger) Open EXC
Emil (Ravencrag Explorer) Champion EXC