Basset Fauve de Bretagne


Fawn Brittany Bassets are fun and lively. It’s a strong hunter that has proven itself as an excellent family dog.

Its height at the withers varies between 32 and 36 cm. It has a coarse and dense, fairly short fur. The colors vary from fawn to red.

The breed was developed from the now extinct grand fauve de bretagne, aka griffon fauve de bretagne. It was a strong hunter with a height of 48-58 cm. Packs of grands were used to hunt wolves and boars during the reign of Ludvig XIV (1462-1522).

The world wars reduced the breeds numbers and the breed was rebuilt by using mixed breed fauves, beagles, petit basset griffon vendéens, dachsunds, and possibly even terriers.

The first fauves came to Finland in the late 1980s and is still limited in numbers. Breed enthusiasts have achieved excellent results in for example blood trail trials.

Source: Finnish bassetclub and Wikipedia
Translation: Ramin Miraftabi