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24.11.2012 CRFCRC Supported Entry Sweeps MD/USA, judge Joseph Vergnetti

Eagle (Double Arrow) Best of Opposite in Veteran Sweeps

23.11.2012 CRFCRC Supported Entry MD/USA, judge Larry Berg

Eagle (Double Arrow) Best of Opposite

15.10.2012 Cover girl

Salasana Ninitchka “Rhona”
Photo by Katja Bechtold

14.10.2012 Supported Entry show NJ/USA, judge Penny Woodward

Eagle (Double Arrow) Best Veteran in Sweeps

08.09.2012 Lich Germany, judge?

Aino (Cuiviénen Aino) Working EXC1, CC

19.08.2012 Leipzig, Germany, judge Elina Tan-Hietalahti

Aino (Cuiviénen Aino) Working EXC1 , CC & BB2

04.08.2012 Höchstadt, Germany, judge Saskia Rathenau

Aino (Cuiviénen Aino) Working EXC2, R.CC

25.06.2012 Aichach, Germany, jugde ??

Aino (Cuiviénen Aino) Working EXC1 & CC

16.06.2012 Retriever tendency test Kaatamo, judge Tuija Hukkanen

Emil (Ravencrag Explorer) Qualified in field

Photo by Ramin.

11.06.2012 Puppies

We saw quite many puppies in ultrasound today