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04.12.2011 BH-test Hyvinkää, judge Eeva Hiltunen

Doris (Final Design) Qualified working dog test PAKK1 —> title BH.

26.11.2011 USA

Nov. 26, 2011 — At the CRFCRC Supported Entry in MD, 8-year-old Eagle, GCh. Salasana Double Arrow CD RE JH OA AXJ NJP CGC HOF (Cosmo x. Ronja), owned by Dawn Buttion and Marty Archambeault, won Best in Veteran Sweeps under Barbara Pepper, and won Select Dog under Deborah Verdon from the Veteran Dog class!

06.11.2011 Tarto INT, Estonia, judge Partha Chatterjee

Juulia (Kit Kat) BB3 & resCACIB.

05.11.2011 Tarto INT, Estonia, judge Tino Pehar

Juulia (Kit Kat) Open class winner with Excellent, BB?, CAC, resCACIB —> EE CH.

29.10.2011 USA

Oct. 28-29, 2011 — In KY, 8-year-old Jetta, Ch. Salasana Silver Arrow WC (Cosmo x Ronja), owned by Judy Terchek (MD) and handled by Mitch White, earned her second and third Junior Hunter legs!

14.10.2011 Dortmund Germany, judge Sylvie Desserne

Aino (Cuiviénen Aino) Junior EXC2, RJCC

17.09.2011 HZP (field test), Germany

Aino (Cuiviénen Aino) Passed

Savitaipale, judge Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari

Juulia (Kit Kat) Working EXC2, CQ

03.09.2011 Lich Germany, judge Mary Ward

Aino (Cuiviénen Aino) Intermediate EXC2 & RCC

20.08.2011 Oslo INT Norway, judge Finn Arild Thorsen

Vimma (WitchInTheBitch) Champion EXC2, BB3, CC & Res. CACIB => NO UCH